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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CLO?

CLO represents the Cell Line Ontology.

2. How is CLO developed?

Briefly, CLO is developed by aligned with the Basic Formal Ontolgy (BFO), Relation Ontology (RO), and developed by following the OBO Foundry principles. CLO is generated using OWL format and edited with the Protege OWL ontology editor.

3. What is the coverage of CLO?

CLO includes more than 36,000 cell lines generated and used in the world. The CLO cell line data were first drawn from Cell Line Knowledgebase (CLKB) entries, which consist of 8740 cell lines stored in ATCC and HyperCLDB. Additional 27,000 permanent cell lines are obtained from European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) Coriell Catalogue Ontology that represents cell lines from the Coriell cell repository, and cell lines (both primary and permanent) provided by the Bioassay Ontology (BAO) development team. Cell lines that are listed in multiple repositories contain cross-reference pointers to these repositories.